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BORN DEVD Prepares for His Debut on Arriel TV while the Crew Links Up with the Monsoon Season Team.

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

BORN DEVD is an LA native with a thirst for the darker side of EDM. With his focus being on dubstep and drum n' bass, we already know this episode is going to be HEAVY, having collaborated with both Arriel and Wynde Up, he's a perfect artist to showcase next.

Monsoon Season also links up with us and we could not be more excited! Their team does amazing work and we 10/10 recommend them for all of your press needs. Whether you are an artist, agency, or a promoter, you should definitely check them out for your next press release. Having worked with artists like Spritzur, BLAQOUT, and Subsidia artist Kleopatra to name a few, they have their finger on the pulse of the scene to say the least.

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