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Since we've been running our show, we get a lot of DJ's, Producers, Streamers, and Content creators asking what we use to create our show. Aside from the software, such as OBS for streaming, Rekordbox for the DJ sets, and Adobe for the graphics and video production, it comes down to these items.

Green Screen

Roland VR-1HD

Stream Deck XL


Elgato Key Light

Stream Deck

Pioneer DJ XDJ1000

Pioneer DJ DJM-800

Canon EOS M50 Mirorless Camera

Yamaha MG12XU 12 Input 4-Bus Mixer

IK iRig2 Portable Interface

Shure SM7B Dynamic Mic

Shure SM58 Dynamic Mic + Pig Hog XLR Cable

Cloudlifter Mic Preamp

  1. Green Screen - Allows us to animate our backgrounds and DJ table with the use of Chroma key.

  2. Roland VR-1HD - Video capture and mixing device. Allows us to mix three HDMI inputs.

  3. Stream Deck allows us to trigger scenes and sources within the stream. It also controls lighting, chat message, and applications.

  4. GO XLR - Audio capture device and mixer with an XLR input with onboard audio effects.

  5. Elgato Keylight - Powerful lighting with cool and warm controls. (Syncs with Stream Deck)

  6. Pioneer DJ XDJ1000 - Audio player/controller for DJing.

  7. Pioneer DJ DJM-800 - DJ mixer

  8. Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera - We find to have much better control and options with this camera instead of webcams.

  9. Yamaha MG12XU - We use this mixer for our DJ equipment and other audio inputs that we'd like to amplify.

  10. IK iRig2 - Sometimes we like to record our DJ sets with our phones for quick shares to social media. This allows us to get direct audio from our DJ mixer to our phones.

  11. Shure SM7B Mic - Great for studio vocals and podcasting.

  12. Shure SM58 - Great for live vocals in a venue setting for DJ or musician use.

  13. Cloudlifter Mic Preamp - Pairs well with the Shure SM7B to increase volume and eliminate room noise.

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