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Arriel crushes St. Patrick's Day Weekend

St. Patrick's Day weekend was a wild ride for music lovers in Los Angeles, and Arriel made sure to bring his A-game to both of his sets. On Friday, March 17th, Arriel DJ'd the main stage at Catch One for Mayhem Event's, and played a set that was nothing short of legendary.

The crowd was buzzing with excitement as Arriel took the stage and opened up with the classic Celtic punk anthem "Drunken Lullaby" by Flogging Molly. He then seamlessly transitioned into a mashup he created that included 10 pre-drop vocals into Wide Awake's edit of Kayzo's "This Time Gon Boom". The energy in the room was electric as he dropped Inquisitive & Y3llO's edit of Skrillex's "Fuji Opener", followed by a mashup of IVARR'S Remix of S3RL's "Pretty Rave Girl" and Beatzilla & Bossa Nova's edit of Valhein and Amber by 311.

But just when we thought the set couldn't get any better, Arriel took us back to the old school with a mind-blowing blend of Dune's "Hardcore Vibes" and DJ Viper's "Intellectual Killer". The crowd was completely taken aback by this unexpected turn, and Arriel's skillful mixing left us all in awe.

After stopping the music to introduce himself, Arriel went right into a remix he made with Luis CHOCS Campos of his song "Falling In Love". This set the tone for the next 15 minutes of pure mid-tempo and electro, with Arriel seamlessly blending tracks like Lil Projections mixed with "Never Gonna Give You Up

Arriel's creativity was on full display as he swiftly dropped an edit of Far East Movement's Like a G6 and blended it seamlessly with Sandstorm edit and a Better Off Alone edit, leaving the crowd wanting more.

To close out his set, Arriel dropped an unreleased collab with Wynde Up featuring Dani King, and the audience was left clamoring for more. The set was a true masterpiece, and everyone in attendance felt privileged to have been a part of it. We can only hope he recorded this set because it was such a vibe.

The following morning, Arriel threw down an all house set in Hollywood, showing us that he spins it all. The vibes were great, and we really hope to see him spin more day parties. Arriel's ability to blend genres and surprise the crowd with unique tracks is what sets him apart from the rest.

Overall, St. Patrick's Day weekend in Los Angeles was a celebration of music, energy, and pure excitement, and Arriel was at the heart of it all. We can't wait to see what he has in store for us next.

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